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"In life you are either a passenger or a pilot, it’s your choice. -Unknown"

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"Less stress more sex."

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The moment when your heart is hurting so much you know its slowly chattering as you go on with your day. This pain is the worst feeling.

It hurts so bad when your heart breaks. Mine broke in many ways but I still keep loving. All my life ive dreamed of a guy who wont hide anything wont lie who wouldnt break my heart. Someone who understands itll be rough but we can get through it. Someone who makes me feel like I can mean the world to someone even when everyone else thinks im worth shit. Someone who sends little cute messages someone who is willing to be forever and remind me of it someone who is willing to do it all bc they love me. I guess I havent found him yet maybe I wont bc that maybe to much to ask for?

wake up

one day you wake up and realize all things you wanted in life you did not achieve you got so off track and lost it all. right now im in a place were i never thought i would be. this was not the plan i had hoped and prayed for and now i dont even believe in praying. i hoped for a lot more out of myself yet i failed to do so. I’m not where i planned to be and it makes me feel like i lost at trying to becoming something. sometimes you have to let go of people and things to achieve those thing you wanted all your life. you may love that person more then anything but they did not help you become the person you were suppose to be. they made you become the person you did not want to be. may be the timing is not right or may the person is not right or nor will they be but you will never figure it out till you let it all go. i have no idea where im going with all this i just really need to let it all out. i want to achieve so much yet im stuck i need someone to show me a way. writing use to help now i can not write. i love romantic books andd i plan to write one one day and have it published but i don’t know if i can anymore. i just am so lost. 




I felt like posting after a really long time. a friend of mine got in accident which opened my eyes to the people that are in this world. first you have those who have nothing to their name yet they still give all they can to make someone happy. Then you have those people who have everything in the world yet they aren’t happy in their marriage or with their family. I mean who would you want to be? sadly i hate to be the apart of the second type of people. people tend to forget making their way up to where they are they were at a point in a position where they couldnt afford many things and they were also poor. you say don’t make friends with the wrong kinds of people well to you what are the right kinds of people? those who drink and to drugs? use their parents money to blow it? no sorry the type of people you think i should be surrounded by aren’t really what you think they are. the people who barley have anything are the people who you would want me to be surrounded by atleast they know the real meaning in what a life is, what people are, and what love is. moral is money is never everything in the world. one day you can be on the top of the world but you will come down once your ignorance gets to you.